Keep Our Valley Rural: Reduce the 56
Keep Our Valley Rural: Reduce the 56

Take Action:

• Get the word out to your neighbors and encourage them to subscribe to our mailing list

• Let your HOA or Community Association know this is a priority for you and you want them to take a stand.

• Contact Izzy Patoka's office and our political representatives and ask for their assistance in getting a better outcome for our community.

• Write to The Associated's executives, board and fundraisers, and to the media, and let them know how you feel about this plan.

Talking points:

Invest in the future value of your property, peaceful rural roads, and the quality of life you moved here for, and help us send a message to the Associated that this plan, and the way they have treated us thus far, is not acceptable. The community and organizations have been asking for a compromise because the feeling is the proposed use is too intensive for the site and the neighborhood – but that request is falling on deaf ears.


We want the Associated to do something they have thus far declined to do: negotiate with the community to reduce the density of the proposed development to one more in keeping with surrounding neighborhoods, such as one home per acre on the 12-acre site.


What is particularly disturbing in this case is that The Associated is a philanthropic organization, not a for-profit company, yet in this case it is siding with the interests of developers and business who profit from construction and development, who are waiting in the wings to profit from the sale of the land. It has devoted funds raised from the Jewish community for educational and charitable purposes in order to engage Venable, one of the most expensive law firms in Baltimore, in order to force through a plan that jeopardizes the quality of life and value of the most significant investment its neighbors own — their homes. And let's not forget that with 56 new homes will come the construction of a roundabout at Walnut and Garrison Forest Road, because that is a mandatory part of the development plan.

Donate to the Publicity Fund

Help defray the cost of the website and printing of fliers and signs:


Greater Greenspring Association
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Any amount is appreciated. All contributions will be exclusively used for this project. Make checks payable to Greater Greenspring Association.

This is what's coming — click image to enlarge:


Spread the Word to Your Neighbors

Volunteers needed to distribute fliers, contact their neighbors and friends, write letters to the Jewish Times and other publications, and activities related to the appeal. Contact us if you can help.


Stay Informed

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